March 2017


Yordanka Akwanza is the fierce and fabulous #GirlBoss of Eyeland Eyewear. Her charm and charisma is infectious. Her unique sense of style and background in the arts instantly palced her on the Kingston Belle Radar. After many conversations later we decided to dive into Yhordy's closet and photograph some of our favorite looks. We were as honored as she was to do this project. In 5 hours we had shot seven looks within 5 little blocks in New Kingston Jamaica. The result; a collection of spirited, romantic, sexy and fun photographs of a woman most enthralling. 


On this project I worked with my usual suspects; Alexander Wong and Jon South. My boys are young and quick and full of verve. Having them shoot this project was a no brainer. Jon surprised me this time around. He was quite and willing and apparently onto something good. His reel was short and packed with emotional captures of Yhordanka's hidden moments. Alex -as I've come accustomed to- was a rockstar - delivering quick focused shots with a great point-of-view and an overall excellent return on investment. As the rain threatened us from start to finish...