Bringing Romance Back Into 2017 - The Cliff Hotel

There is a saying – “Romance is in the air”. When I first got married, I used to breathe in that sweet air of romance, and just marvel at how beautiful life was. Then our first child came along, and with the sleepless nights and 'terrible two’s', she sucked a little of the romance out of the air. By the time the other two children came along, almost all our ‘air’ was gone, much less the ‘romance’. Many times I would lie in our bed with a tiny foot in my chest and stare at my husband with the other tiny foot planted in his face, and I would wonder when life would ever be normal again. Well, it never got normal again. That was it – we now belonged to three rambunctious human beings that we had made ourselves, and the sweet smell of romance was replaced with a mixture of dirty diapers, spit-up, and the tadpoles that had been hidden in a bowl under the bed. The good thing is, we grew into our roles as parents, and we really enjoyed most of the moments (except the tadpole ones). The bad thing was, in growing into our roles as parents, we began to forget about our other roles – as husband and wife; as romancers and sweet talkers and matches-made-in-heaven.  

I don’t think it was a definite decision that we made to begin taking trips without our children. I think what happened was that we tried it once, and liked it so much that we did it again, then again…until our trips together became something that we looked forward to. And guess what? The air began to gain that smell of romance once again!

One of our favourite places to go to is Negril, Jamaica. I can tell you, Negril is one of the most magical places in this world. The renowned sunset alone gives the impression that even the angels vacation there. Call me a kook, but I actually feel the as if the Negril sunset touches your soul and pulls couples closer together.

For our 25th anniversary, we went to the newly opened Cliff Hotel at the West End, and WOW!!! What a breathtaking, mouth watering, relaxing, romantic experience we had! The perfectly manicured gardens sit above the untouched Negril cliff, where a natural pool overlooks the Caribbean Sea and absorbs every golden ray of that magnificent sunset.        

I am counting down the days till we can revisit the Cliff Hotel…maybe next time we will carry a group of friends as the property also has a gorgeous five-bedroom guesthouse for large groups.