Remember #KBClick - that swanky Boozy Brunch launch event for the Kingston Belle Collective? Well in continuation of that I emailed a few of my favorite people to drill them on the important things in life like free travel and Jamaican eats. These are not your typical stiff and stuffy interviews about life ambitions, regrets and world peace. Click with my ‘clique’ on apocalypse, vogue calls and brain books (lol).

Meet Melanie Schwapp (@Melsdew on instagram). Melanie is a writer, blogger, interior and exterior decorator with arguably (or not) Jamaica’s most beautiful family. She’s an avid, reader, cook, traveller and Queen supreme of storytelling. But less chatting and more clicking below...

RASHADE What 5 people would you choose to be a part of your post apocalyptic gang?

Melanie: My hubby - I have to have someone to blame for the apocalypse!! My 3 children - have to have our referees and lastly a vintner - what’s the sense of surviving the apocalypse without WINE???? (horror of horrors)


RASHADE Longboarder or Europe in the summer (eits)?

MELANIE I could never chose!! One of the reasons I love Jamaica is the diversity of geography and climate - from chilly hills to sunny beachside. Another reason I love Jamaica is that I DON’T HAVE TO CHOOSE!!! I could literally be at Longboarder for a fried fish for lunch and in just a couple hours I could be enjoying an evening meal watching the sun settle between the hilltops of EITS. Oh, my sweet Jamaica!!!


RASHADE Your cell rings and Vogue's on the phone what would they most likely be calling about?

MELANIE Well, since 50 is the new 30, Vogue would most likely be calling to ask me how it feels to be turning 30 in my 50th year on this earth. And I would say, it’s pretty darn good to be turning 30 with all the knowledge and wisdom of a 50 year old:)


RASHADE You have 1 week of free travel and accommodation for yourself +1. take me through your first 3 days and who would you take and why?