Fashionable Scramouging

I love to save money. Jamaicans refer to it as scramouging If there is money to be saved by re-utilizing something, I’m gonna do it. Especially at Christmas time. Christmas is an expensive time of year – ain’t no two ways about it. Not only are we buying gifts for our loved ones, but we’re also buying our ham and turkey and pudding and sorrel and all the delicious things that make Christmas, Christmas. Not to mention the New Year’s Eve party that we have to find the perfect dress for. I really do love it, but in January when it’s time to tighten our belts and face the year ahead, I hate the feeling of being panicked. So….I scramouge. I begin to buy my Christmas gifts one by one from early in the year so that the cost is spread thinly and not bundled up at the year’s end. This year, I saved all my crocus Jamaican coffee bags and used them to wrap smaller gifts ….not only did I save on wrapping paper, but my gifts were authentic and just beautiful!

Another of my favourite ways to save for the season is to re-use my clothes for the many festivities by tweaking some detail on them and creating an entirely new outfit. I tell you, nothing gives me more pleasure than to traipse to my trusty seamstress with my older outfits and come home with an entirely new wardrobe!!

I’ll share with you two of my most recent re-fashions

BEFORE - Sandra Kennedy Velvet Tube Dress

AFTER - Sandra Kennedy Velvet Tube Dress Re-Fashoned by All About Eve - 

We cut the dress on a slant and added a sheer tail cut on the bias. I love how the look of the dress was changed to a very flirty, carefree style…who would know that was the same dress I wore to a New Year’s Eve party a few years ago??

BEFORE - Drenna Luna Fishtail Striped Dress

AFTER - Drenna Luna Fishtail Dress Re-Fashioned by Drenna Luna

The long fishtail was shortened, creating a less formal look, but still dressy nonetheless.