The Christmas Things I Love For The People I Love

Guess what I’ve been doing this past week …Christmas shopping!!! Early, you say? Well, that’s how I catch all the worms!!....that is, all the beautiful, reasonably priced, amazing gifts that are there for the taking before the mad rush of traffic and chaos begins. And since I love you all so much…I’m going to share these finds with you. I’m going to give you all my gift ideas at the risk of my family and friends seeing their presents (family, please act surprised when you open your gifts) and places to get them so that you too can be an early bird. You too can look forward to the only chaos being that of whether to sit back and enjoy a glass of sorrel or wine. 


The great thing about shopping for my girlfriends is that we all wear the same size and have such similar tastes that it’s never difficult to find gifts for them. The worst thing about shopping for my girlfriends is that we all wear the same size and have such similar tastes that it takes A LOT of self control not to buy every darn thing for myself! It’s such a fabulous feeling to give a gift that you absolutely love…especially to those friends who’ve shared the year right by your side.

Prices do not include GCT.



When considering a gift for a man, I always ask myself three questions – Can he play with it? Can he eat or drink it? Can he look good in it? A ‘yes’ to any of those and that gift is ‘on’!


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My favourite gifts for couples are those that accentuate their home style and encourage time spent together. I always consider their favourite pastimes - whether it be that they are tea/wine drinkers, cook together, travel or do a lot of entertaining.

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For girls, boys and both: This season I am gaga over colour – the bags, blankets, beach towels….all so vibrant, and great for all age groups! I love the creative, fresh feel of the children’s gifts – especially the Jamaican themed items that anchor a strong sense of national pride.

Prices do not include GCT.



Prices do not include GCT.



Prices do not include GCT.



have another little secret to share with you – you know those crocus bags that coffee comes in? Throughout the year when you buy your coffee, do not throw those bags away. Store them in a dry place, and at Christmas, wrap your gifts in them! I like to collect authentic Jamaican decorations and use as the décor detail, giving gifts an authentic Jamaican look. Saves you the cost of wrapping paper!! Another great use of the coffee bags - display the napkins and cutlery for Christmas lunch or any special occasion.

Store Addresses and Contacts 

Tara’s Wine Glasses -

Craft Cottage - 24 Constant Spring Rd, Kingston 10, Jamaica

My Jamaica - Liguanea Plaza, Kingston 6, Jamaica

Megamart - 29 Upper Waterrloo Rd, Kingston 8, Jamaica

Fontana Pharmacy - 34 East Kings House Rd, Kingston 6, Jamaica

Story and Myth - (also available at My Jamaica and Craft Cottage stores)