Here’s the thing – I love to cook, but I hate to cook. I love when I feel inspired by a recipe or dish, especially from another country, and I love trying to decipher and re-make dishes so that my family can share in on the memories. But I hate when I HAVE to cook. I hate when I’m tired and hungry and I have to prepare a meal for four equally tired and hungry Schwapps. Have you ever met a tired and hungry Schwapp? ….they growl. They actually do. Unless you give them wine, then they just grunt.

The bottom line is, on the days when I just cannot channel my inner Martha, I look for quick, easy dishes to prepare. Well, you can imagine my joy when I discovered a sauce that with just one ‘chups’ on the tip of a spoon, gives such a wallop of flavour that there is little need for much more.

Veena’s Purple Pepper Paste is the ultimate sauce! But be warned – more than just a tip on the spoon will definitely have you scrambling for a trough of water. The flavour of scotch bonnet and robust spices explodes in cooked meals, sandwiches, and yes…even in salad dressings.

So as opposed to just telling you all about my no longer secret ingredient I decided to share one of my favourite dishes I make with Veena’s Purple Pepper Paste. Of course feel free to add this to any dish of your choice but just remember JUST A CHUPS!

GRILLED SALMON - (2 Fillets) – Quick Fix For A Growling Schwapp -

Mix together 2 tbsp. olive oil, a chups of Veena’s Purple Paste, ¼ tsp. salt, ½ tsp. onion powder, ½ tsp. paprika, ½ tsp. lime juice and 2 cloves minced garlic cloves. Add to the 2 salmon fillets and leave to marinate for a half hour or so.

When ready to grill, pre-heat oven to 350F. Place each salmon fillet on its individual sheet of foil and scatter a few slices of onion, a slice of tomato and 2 fresh basil leaves on top of each fillet. Wrap foil around fillets and place in oven for 20 minutes. After cooking, ensure that the skin is removed from the salmon before serving.

 ****I like to serve my salmon on a bed of creamy mashed potatoes with roasted garlic and lime wedges. To roast garlic, peel the cloves and roast them whole for 35-40 minutes. You can store them for up to a week in an airtight jar as a great condiment for any meal. Scatter on top of the cooked salmon for added flavour.

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