And so it begins... After six years of bridging the gap between art and commerce, the MoDa group takes a turn for the better.  In partnership with Wisynco Eco they venture down a greener path taking the creative class along for the ride. It’s not often you find a brand fueled by the luxurious arts assuming such responsibilities. But with a sum of creativity the MoDa girl squad of forward thinking folk is mastering this; by replacing the standard press launch with a rain or shine beach clean-up. The Directors called court on Saturday morning by Windward road - a coastal community in east Kingston and the home of the first MoDa mural. Soon enough the Palisado peninsula would be in parts plastic free thanks to the dedicated friends and patrons of the MoDa Movement. An underwater clean-up was also organized to run parallel, in partnership with Yardi Divers. The mural created by Esther Beckford, Matthew McCarthy and Paige Taylor with the support of Berger Paints, stands still for viewing as they reimagine ways to continue the cycle. “We’ve procured the necessary permissions to continue the mural across the entire wall space that exists. Around that we will be planting trees and installing eco-friendly benches for the use of the community.” - Said Kerry-Ann Clarke, Founder of The Collection MoDa.