See Daria and her friends in 2017!

Glenn Eichler and Susie Lewis’ cult television series “Daria” first aired on MTV in 1997, running for a total of five seasons before it ended in 2002. Now, Lewis and original character designer Karen Disher have come together to imagine the show’s characters in 2017 for Entertainment Weekly, two decades after the show originally began. Daria has moved from Lawndale to New York City, trading in her signature green trench coat for a similarly-colored sweater. According to a blurb, she is now canonically “the only female writer on a late-night talk show” and lives alone. Childhood friends Trent and Jane Lane are still aspiring artists, while Brittany and Kevin Thompson (predictably) ended up married. Check out the full photo gallery here and find a video breaking down the characters’ modern lives below.

Catching Up With the Daria Gang

On the 20th anniversary of the seminal MTV series' debut, co-creator Susie Lewis admits that she's had Daria and her bevy of misfits and stereotypes in her thoughts for quite a while since it ended its five-season run. "A lot of the feelings that you have in high school are timeless," says Lewis. Happy to get the chance to return to the drawing board, Lewis and character designer Karen Disher imagined these updates on their beloved cast as they might be today.

Daria Morgendorffer

The sardonic teen has left the suburbs of Lawndale for New York City's Hell's Kitchen (naturally), where she's grown up to become the only female writer on a late-night talk show. She lives alone — except for her black cat named Godzilla, who is toilet-trained, thanks to Daria's hard work and dedication — and while she's tried the online dating game, she hasn't found anyone special quite yet. Oh, and in case you were wondering, she's gotten past her crush on Trent.

Jake, Helen Morgendorffer

Daria and Quinn's parents are living it up as retirees. Every time Daria speaks to them, they're venturing out on yet another cruise, but whenever they're back in Lawndale, they're breaking a sweat in their weekly dance class.

Trent Lane

While his Mystik Spiral days are over, Trent has found, well, not success exactly, but... a functioning band in Trent Lane and the Mystikal Explosion. He lives with his four bandmates in Queens. Trent had some financial success with Mystik Spiral's one-hit wonder, "Freakin' Friends," but since then has been making ends meet as a bartender. He and Jane still spend a lot of time together, and Daria often joins in. (See? It's not weird anymore, guys.)