March - September 2017


In a six month contract with Jamaica National Bank I had the privilege of curating branded content geared towards promoting their home products. I had a fantastic time conceptualizing ideas around the home including interests in art, architecture and lifestyle. Partnering with homemakers like Cecile Levee, Melanie Schwapp and Kerry-Ann Clarke helped greatly in driving the stories home. It's relationships like these that I'm grateful for everyday. Pulling together the stories each month was like mission impossible but on the twenty-sixth of each month we delivered on time with style.  


On this project I worked with three specific photographers. The Patrick Waldemar visit was photographed by my go-to-guys; Alexander Wong and Jon South. They did a superb job at capturing Patrick's beautiful space and himself in some intimate (unreleased) portraits. Michael Moodie was also of great help on this project as he stepped in to capture my friend and Creative Entrepreneur Kerry-Ann Clarke and her home. I mobilized my contributors and collaborators on the posts in between for snaps from around the World as seen in posts like "Design Destination" and more.