Meet Tara Playfair-Scott; Publicist and Marketing Extraordinaire. Her illustrious client list past and present includes Asafa Powell, Shaggy and Friends and Lime. An FIU graduate Tara’s the firm speaking, pleasant faced brunette found quietly commanding any room she enters. Today we honor her as one of Jamaica's most influential people on the #KB100 list. Here we chat on the important things in life like free travel and Jamaican eats. This is not your typical stiff and stuffy interview about life ambitions, regrets and world peace. Click with my ‘clique’ on apocalypse, vogue calls and brain books below!


RASHADE: What 5 people would you choose to be a part of your post apocalyptic gang? 

TARA: Oprah (she would be whipping out words of inspiration and positivity I would never be able to give up with her around), Anthony Bourdain (he could make anything left that was edible taste good - plus he's used to roughing it), Jason Scott or Nicole Curtis (I can't choose which one but whichever one was alive  could help fix up anything still standing and make it livable - or slap together some form of shelter with scraps of wood and tin cans), My best friend Lisa (for moral support, laughs and she's one of the few people that can put up with my moments of madness plus she's been working out for years so she's in shape) and The Love of My Life (he knows who he is and the reason for him being around is pretty self explanatory). That's my 'apocs' Crew!

RASHADE: Longboarder or Europe in the summer (eits)? 

TARA: This is a tough one do I have to choose? They both have such unique appeal.I can't choose...I simply refuse. Sue me!

RASHADE: Your phone rings and Vogue's on the phone what would they most likely be calling about? 

TARA: 1st of all THANK GOD I am one of the few people left who a) answers their phone when it rings and b) answers calls from unknown or unrecognized numbers ..... Now unto the call: It would be for a feature on one of my client's .... without a doubt.... at which point I would be seeing how we could swing the cover lol #everydayimhustlin

RASHADE: You have 1 week of free travel and accommodation for yourself +1. take me through your first 3 days and who would you take and why? 

TARA: WOW! Well... you just hit my weak spot. I absolutely love love love to travel.... did I say love... so one week huh? Can't it be 10 days? *insert eye roll emoji*.... the next 2 places on my must see.go and do list are Bora Bora and Morocco .... I would choose Morocco as that's a 9hr flight and an adventure you can enjoy with a best friend vs 20+ hours to Bora Bora and you def want to be there with your "other half" in an over the water villa with no cell service. So with all of that in mind i'd take my best friend Lisa - we do adventure well together and she's low maintenance lol ...

Day 1: Magical Marrakech

Arrival and hotel check in:  Royal Mansour Marrakech - Chosen because of it's juxtaposition between the old city and new town and of course the fact that it's absolutely gorgeous, well designed and it's only 53 riads within a well landscaped and beautiful property with staff that pride themselves on service and privacy.

Once checked in it's off to get my mojo back with a Hammam - after long flights I prefer to get a quick massage / facial and get refreshed so whatever better place to get that done in than in Marrakech - more than likely Le Bain Bleu for a traditional 45 minute Hammam incl scrub & mask and maybe a bath in scented oils and salts

Then a stop by Jardin Marjorelle formerly owned by YSL for a stroll through the gardens that are home to flora from over 5 continents then lunch in the cafe and a stop in the bright blue villa in the complex to check out some of the amazing Berber artifacts

It's then back to the hotel to chill out by the pool, grab a few drinks .... chat and make plans for dinner.

Dinner at Latitude 31 which keeps popping up on everyone's list of best places to eat in Marrakech with it's "med-Morrocan" fusion cuisine

2  Advil pm's later it's off to bed to get body adjusted and ready for a week of exploration and fun

Day 2: Souks and Fondouks

I have always wanted to weave my way through the souks of Marrakech haggling over items I probably don't need but buy just for the sake of shopping and self satisfaction and the best snapchats ever and of course the fondouk Rue Dar el-bacha is a must to experience seeing the craftsmen (maalems) carry out traditional trades like saddle making and blacksmithing....

If there's any time and or money left (😂) and even if there isn't then of course it's off to Djemma el-Fna which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a stop that I could never miss... so as the sun sets local chefs roll out their grills, the snake charmers arrive, belly dancers, acrobats and live music and the fun factor is turned up! It's the best place to people watch, have your fortune told and of course soak up Marrakech mayhem.

Day 3: Sand. Sunset. Sahara.

Up early to head to Merzouga - you can't go to Morocco and not spend a night in the Sahara desert... can you? So Day 3 will be about checking into the Kasbah Mohayut and beginning the camel trek into the desert for a gorgeous sunset, great food from the tajine, Berber music and unbeatable memories. Next stop Fez!

RASHADE: Your brain got turned into a book, would it be fiction or nonfiction? What would your (brain) book be called? And what is it about?

TARA: This is a great question. Hmmmmm...nonfiction ... it would be called Uncommon Thoughts and it would be a glimpse into my weird and wonderful life.