Meet Brooke Harrison (@brookeharrisonx on instagram). Brooke is a University student, one time blogger and sometime model. With a bombshell body and a brand new face Brooke currently sits in her private instagram churning out the perfect depictions of ‘pretentious… dry humour’ and we love it!Today we honor her as one of Jamaica's most influential people on the #KB100 list. Here we chat on the important things in life like free travel and Jamaican eats. This is not your typical stiff and stuffy interview about life ambitions, regrets and world peace. Click with my ‘clique’ on apocalypse, vogue calls and brain books below!

Photogrpahed by: Annaixe

Photogrpahed by: Annaixe

RASHADE:What 5 people would you choose to be a part of your post apocalyptic gang?

BROOKE: Wow, 5? Do I even know that many people? Just kidding (sort of)!! First of all, I’d have to take my boyfriend cause he can do all the strong guy stuff... My baby brother because he’s cute and who’s going to leave an 8 year-old behind? Ugh, I’m very family-oriented, so while I’d love to take some super saiyan alpha-humans, I just couldn’t leave my parents and my dog Tobi..

RASHADE: Longboarder or Europe in the summer (EITS)?

BROOKE: This is a tough one, but i’ll probably have to say EITS. Something about cozy cottages in the hills just makes me happy. EITS is all that, and even more.

RASHADE: Your phone rings and Vogue's on the phone what would they most likely be calling about?

BROOKE: You know what this brings me straight back to, right? Much Ado About Fashion, hahaha! Of course if Vogue ever called lil ol’ me, they’d be asking me to write a piece in their latest issue about anything fashion-related, particularly from the POV of a pretentious young-adult with dry humour (Idk why… something about conveying that image is just so… natural… to me, hehehe). But maybe Anna would even want me to cover something homegrown, who knows?!

RASHADE: You have 1 week of free travel and accommodation for yourself +1. Take me through your first 3 days and who would you take and why?

BROOKE: When I travel I like to pretend I’m not actually a tourist. Tour guides, group tours… all of that stuff is boring to me. I always explore the city on my own, and immerse myself in the everyday people/culture of that place. So whoever I take would have to be up for that… I’d probably bring my old roommate Mapem! We would explore all the crevices of Vancouver together when I lived there - I miss that the most! And let’s just say the first three days would probably involve some getting lost and hopping on the wrong bus/subway/train, till we get to know the place a little better! And of course eating A LOT of food! I’m thinking maybe we’d go to Thailand…

RASHADE: Your brain got turned into a book, would it be fiction or nonfiction? What would your (brain) book be called? And what is it about?

BROOKE: Definitely, without a doubt, indubitably (get the picture yet?), FICTION. It would probably follow a young girl’s life starting from young adulthood. I’ve always loved Wes Anderson films, so the whole novel would have that vibe. The main character would pretty much be a black girl version (me) of Margot Tenenbaum. What it would be called? I don’t think I could decide that so easily!