Ever so often there comes along a girl; amazonian, bright and full of potential... Then there's Jen - a total hybrid of the cookie-cutter pageant girl or commercial model. Jeneque has been -for a very long time- the social scene's favorite girl with actual humor and likability to boot. Most recently she announced herself as Miss Jamaica World's 2nd Princess, placing her firmly in this year's top 10 girls of Pageantry. As we all sit in wonder of the woman, we wait with bated breaths to witness her next moves. Until then I'll hold onto her 25 answers to my 25 questions below.


When were you born?

Almost a quarter century ago! I turned 23 in June.


Who was your role model between birth and 13 years old?        

Who really remembers those early years? I wish my memory were that good! I vaguely recall taking etiquette classes with Lisa Hanna one summer. I'm sure I was in awe of her beauty and poise, so Ms. Hanna takes the cake.



Who is your role model now?

- I'm most inspired by everyday people around me who possess traits that I admire: integrity, drive, discipline, intellect, grace and self-assurance. Everyday people who pursue their goals with passion and humility are the ultimate role models.


Growing up, what were you most afraid of? 

Lizards! I recently held an iguana though, which is essentially a giant lizard. Talk about conquering fears.


What are you no longer afraid of?

Failure. Mistakes are inevitable. We're sure to make a few wrong moves while on the journey of self discovery. I've learned that a setback is only a setup for a comeback.


If you had to choose between becoming the highest paid lawyer in Jamaica or the highest paid Caribbean model, which would you choose?       

Funny you'd ask this.. I always felt pressure in high school to choose to study law. As a Campionite, that's expected of you. Law or Med? To even consider other options seemed absurd. But I chose different, and similarly, I'd choose to model.


Where did you have your first kiss?

At a party. Don't judge me. Lol



Who was your first kiss with?

A guy I really liked at the time; "at the time" being the operative words. I appreciate how the people we attract and are attracted to evolve over time as we mature.


What's your favorite ice-cream flavor?

Chocolate Chip for sure!


Ice-cream or froyo and why?

I love Tutti just as much as the next person but nothing beats tradition. Devon House ice cream over everything.


What was your first paid job?

Grace Kennedy Summer Employment Program


On a scale of 1-10 how awesome do you think you are?

A solid 8! Haha. There's always room for improvement, right?



What's your go-to song to listen to when you're super happy or excited?

Right now, it's "I Can" by Chronixx. I'd listen to it almost every day while competing in the Miss Jamaica World pageant - the positivity is infectious! As a sidenote though, I'm an old soul.. any oldies song puts me in a good mood.



Who's your favorite musical artist?

Beyoncé. She's the greatest artist of this generation. She's our MJ


Favorite designer?

I'm not that big on labels so I don't have a favourite designer, but I respect and appreciate the artistry that goes into fashion design. With each season comes a new vision and expression. It's exciting to see!   


Tell me one funny thing that happened to you when you were 18.

I plea the fifth! Haha



Have you ever been drunk?

es, a long time ago. Remember Beach Bums? The sun made me so dehydrated. I didn't stand a chance :(


How much do you hate alcohol? 

I'm not a big drinker, but we are rum people! And sweet wine will get you in my good graces


If you were an animal which would you be and why?

An elephant; I find them fascinating.


Fill in the blanks: I'm _____ because I _____.

An optimist.. because I try to always maintain a positive outlook



Least used social media and why?

Facebook. I just can't keep up with all these platforms, man!


Favorite person to follow on Twitter...?

I can't decide! I follow some pretty witty people. They keep me on my toes.


What is your ultimate guilty pleasure? 

I have quite a sweet tooth! I try to eat right, but who can resist sweet potato pudding or chocolate cake?!


Say something profound about the first noun that you see.

The first noun I saw was cake. Now I want cake. Thanks a lot, Rashade.


Who was the last "famous" person you met?

Have I been living a dull life? Haha! Haven't met anyone famous since February when I worked on a project with BBC 1Xtra during their visit for Reggae Month - interacted with a lot of talented artistes during that time.