Dexter Pottinger, what can I say? Papa has it. Whatever "It" is nowadays or what "It" will be 10 years from now, Dexter will always have it. It's that constant growth and reinvention that keeps him most paid. Over the topness is what he does best and I've seen his inventory with my own and eyes and let me tell you, he's the real deal - If ever I saw it. So, I wasn't going to be selfish for any longer so let me let you into the three dimensional world of Dexter Pottinger, 1 of 25 questions a time.


Rashade St Patrick: Where did you grow up?   

Dexter “3D” Pottinger: Waltham Park Road ,Kingston Jamaica. True garrison yute


RSTP: Who was your role model between birth and 13 years old?        

DP: My mother she had fashion lock ,she use to be a big fan of dance hall.

Who is your role model now?      

"Naomi , Beyonce, Oprah, Obama...any black

successful person really , I admire them all." - DP

RSTP: Growing up, what were you most afraid of?                                              

DP: My parents finding out that I am not like the other boys .


RSTP: What are you not afraid of anymore?

Dancehall ‘artists’ and their verbal abuse .

RSTP: What is the weirdest rumour you've ever heard about yourself?

DP: Say I got this girl pregnant!

Where did you have your first kiss?

"At school in the boys' bathroom" - dp

RSTP: Who was your first kiss with?  

DP: Won't say, but it was somebody I really wanted to kiss.



RSTP: Tell me one funny thing that happened to you when you were 18.

   DP: I wake up one day and say i wanted to move to london and which i did.  

RSTP: What's your favorite ice-cream flavor?

DP: My favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate.

RSTP: Ice-cream or froyo and why?    

DP: Ice cream of course because I am a tropical boy.

RSTP: What was your first paid job?     

DP: My first paid job was with Stella Morris dance group and yes I used to be a dancer .


On a scale of 1-10 how awesome do you think you are?  

9.99 because they are still room for growth

RSTP: What's your go to song to listen to when you're super happy or excited?


DP: Flawless by Beyonce and by the way I'm loving the remix

Who's your favorite musical artist?

"Beyonce of course!" - DP

RSTP: : If you were an animal which would you be and why?      

DP: I would want to be a dog because they can be your best friend and yet deadly and I like doggy style lol!!!


Who is your favorite Designer?

I love Vivienne Westwood so crazy so funky so fresh .


RSTP: Have you ever been drunk?

DP: *Blank stare*

How much do you hate alcohol?

"I don't hate alcohol I hate the hangovers." - DP

RSTP: Say something profound about the first noun that you see.



Fill in the blanks: I'm _____ because I _____ a lot.     

I'm fierce because I give a lot

RSTP: Least used social media and why?     


DP: Twitter, too much bashing and negative retweets.

Favorite person to follow on Twitter    

"Tony Matterhorn because he speaks his mind and doesn't follow the crowd." - DP

RSTP: What is your ultimate guilty pleasure?

DP: Dont have guilty pleasure.  


Who was the last "famous" person you met?

Myself this morning in the mirror.