When I first met Chantel Davis. Kingston Belle was in its formative years and I was visiting with Kerry (Clarke) at her store for an interview for the website. She was assisting Kerry as she prepared for her second beauty pageant. A month later -unbeknown to any of us- she would pass the torch to me and resume her it-life in Mobay and the US. During our close times together I would interview her for the website and chat about NYC, modelling and all the restaurants I should try. Overtime I grew an affinity to girls from similar molds with similar passions as CKD and with that the Kingston Belle It-Girl Construct was formed.

Five years later and Chantel has modelled the heck out of the east coast, travelled the world and made us all wish we too were 5”10 barefoot gypsies. So, as tradition will have it, here’s to celebrating the life + times of a true Original Kingston Belle… Chantel. ‘Cool Girl’.

RSTP: What for you makes a woman most sexy?

CD: Her confidence in herself. Like the tree of life which she is, her confidence that is deeply rooted has tremendous sex appeal.

RSTP: When are you at your sexiest?

CD: I am at my sexiest when I am taking a shower. Seeing the silhouette of your body through the steamed shower glass, gazing in the mirror   after an intense workout. You feel absolutely proud of your body and the hard work you have put in.  

RSTP: What do women wear for men, women and what do they wear just for themselves?

CD: Men: a flowery scented perfume,  ( akin to the bees being drawn to the flower's pollen)

I like to mix and match my fragrances.

Women: loose billowy dress, killer wedges, big sunglasses and even bigger earrings

Themselves: silk 2 piece pant pajamas

RSTP: To whom much is given much is expected, how do you maintain your public it-factor?

CD: Public it-factor? Didn't know I had one. I try to stay true myself as an individual, only sometimes coloring outside of the lines. In doing so, I also like to retain a little mystery. We are already so overly exposed on social media, that its a little cheeky of me to hold on to my mystery. I love that.

RSTP: Which Caribbean model would you say you have pegged to be the next 'It Girl'?

CD: I'll plead the 5th on this one.

RSTP: As we close out 2016, what’s your favorite destination that you've been to this year? (can you send relative pics please)

CD: Mykonos Greece. It was my first time traveling anywhere in Europe, I loved it.

RSTP: What are your travel essentials?

CD: Headphones, ipad. Mario Badescu Rose Water Spray mist for the face, lip balm, hand sanitizer, altoids, pen! ( I hate asking for a pen to fill out immigration forms).

RSTP: What one unexpected, funny or life changing thing happened to you this year?

CD: re starting life at rock bottom

RSTP: What's on the top of your list of 2017 resolutions?

CD: I don't have any, I make it a daily practice to be better person at attaining my goals. Also resolving the issues of yesterday and make each moment a better one tomorrow and the day after that.