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We’re creative perfectionists. Idealists. Inventors. Forever tinkering with ideas and processes, always on the lookout for better. Whether you work in-office, offsite, or even at home, a job at Kingston Belle Collective will be demanding. But it also rewards bright, original thinking and hard work. And none of us here would have it any other way. Does an exciting, dynamic, fast paced environment catch your attention? Do you like puzzles and determining solutions that are not obvious? Terrific! Consider joining us. In this position, you'll provide administrative support for executive leadership at KBC. We're seeking a collaborative team member with a friendly work style, who's well-organized, able to effectively multi-task & prioritize, and take initiative.

Operational Qualifications

  • Excellent organization skills, acute attention to detail, ability to handle multiple tasks in a fast paced and time sensitive environment.

  • Excellent written and verbal interpersonal skills and strong sense of professionalism.

  • Demonstrates an ability to anticipate needs and changes, then react with the best interest of the business in mind.

  • Direct experience handling sensitive and confidential information with integrity, discretion and utmost secrecy.

  • Ability to influence others; handle conflict appropriately, know when to delegate issues upward and when to apply common sense.

  • Calm under pressure, sense of humor and good with people.

  • Experience onboarding new employees and training new team members.

  • Experience planning, managing, and executing large scale events.


You will be a full time executive assistant to the CEO while supporting his creative team.. Daily activities will include challenging calendar management, organizing meetings while actively utilizing your keen problem solving abilities as challenges arise. Scheduling both domestic and international travel and arranging for team offsite activities and events will be a regular task. Spending money wisely will be important, so experience with PR approval systems would be helpful, but not a hard requirement. We are looking for an ambitious and highly organized individual who enjoys solving problems in creative ways and shines in a fast paced and fun environment. This position is intended to be transitory, if successful the applicant will be constantly trained to assume the role of Chief of Staff/Director of Operations for the coming business year in March 2019.


Bachelor's degree in marketing, communications, or advertising; or combination of education and experience.

Professional Requirements


  • Copywriting and editing skills to oversee a variety of short- and long-form styles and content for printed, electronic, and web-based publications. These include web content, brochure copy, advertising copy, blog and social media posts, news writing, and informational copy writing.

  • Knowledge of graphic design, production, and art direction to effectively oversee, interface, and collaborate with the in-house creative team of creative interns, writers, photographers, and other personnel. This includes knowledge of routinely acceptable costs for each of these services and the ability to produce specification sheets and obtain and evaluate services.

  • Demonstrated skill in managing fiscal, human, and capital resources.

  • Skill in negotiating and exchanging ideas with others to formulate programs and to arrive jointly at decisions, conclusions or solutions in creative brainstorming sessions. Working with team to conceptualize and develop graphic concepts, taglines, other copy, and campaign ideas appropriate for a variety of marketing and communications pieces.

  • Ability to work on many tasks simultaneously, effectively prioritizing projects and consistently delivering high-quality results on time and on budget. Skill in organizing and setting department's work priorities and monitoring assignments when there are interruptions, changing direction, multiple projects, shift in workload, pressures of deadlines, and/or handling diverse and conflicting constituent needs and competing requirements.

  • Analytical thinking skills to quickly and effectively conceive, conceptualize, carry out, and direct others on projects from inception to finished piece. Ability to develop and direct others in creating comprehensive outlines for each project which includes but is not limited to creating and pitching proposals.

  • Working knowledge and experience developing of communications/marketing plans. Including a professional familiarity with social media platforms and how to best use them to communicate messages effectively.

  • Problem-solving skills to develop, suggest, and implement alternatives and solutions to the many challenges that accompany the creation and management of a variety of marketing projects.

  • Exceptional attention to detail and proven follow-through skills to thoroughly and successfully manage and address all aspects of projects and assignments.



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