*Cues waistline and gun fingers*... quick and bountiful nostalgia waves over me like silk sheets in green and gold. What just happened??? Tory Lanez just sampled Tantro Metro and Devonte’s ‘Everyone falls in love sometimes’ in his new record ‘Luv’. With an appropriated sounding Popcaan flavour mixed in with a heavy dose of Terry Linen meets Chris Breezy - Tory has clearly got a hold on me with this one. Something about these artists sampling our music that just really gets me going. On one hand I’m filled with glee that we’re still inspiring the world and on the other I’m glad that these throwback chunes are smoothly working their way back into the conversation. Good music really never dies.

Born in the 1990’s and bred in Kingston Jamaica, dancehall/reggae music from the 80’s and 90’s are innately embedded into my consciousness. If you are like me you too are similarly surprised whenever you turn a record on and hear a very very familiar sampling of a song from that period. I was too young when these records came out to have known them then but just old enough to retain memories of when they were booming around me. That’s it, the little magic found in songs like Vegas’ ‘Head High’ and Buju Banton’s ‘Batty Rider’ for me are like time capsules holding my fondest childhood memories from growing up in Kingston.

Drake has Jamaican music samples all over his latest album, Kanye West too.  So far I can’t say anyone has gotten it wrong… at least not yet. But enough a dat and enough a dis… take a listen to Tory Lanez’s ‘Luv’ and let me know what you think.