So I have actually snorkeled once before. I was -like now- in Negril on a weekend getaway. With no real agenda I was staying at the Spa Retreat hotel on the cliffs. The weather was warm and sunny and the Caribbean Sea was being particularly friendly and inviting. So, in I went. Maybe now is a good time to let you guys in on the little secret that is my swim history. I’ve pretty much always ‘known how to swim’… (in like a very general way), but have only sort of recently come to be adequately comfortable doing it. I can’t float, and yes I know that statement in itself is invalid but so is my dream of lying flat backed on water looking up proudly at the sun and sky. Nope, my body doesn’t do that. If man can’t walk on water he shouldn’t be trying to lay down on top of it either.


But anyways, it was morning time when I made my dip in full gear (life vest included). At first I was positively uncomfortable with the point of view - everything seemed so much closer than I was hoping for. To my prediction though I couldn’t help focusing on the little cavernous holes in the cliff, small and dark and scary. So I tried my hardest to zone out and just be there. If you can’t already tell I’m one of those guys who are madly in love with water and swimming all while being absolutely terrified by it. And no I’ve never almost drowned or had any memorable incidents with water or swimming that could be directly responsible for this paradoxical relationship I’ve found myself in. But I view this in a very pragmatic way and I’m sorry if I’m not fully sold on the human ability to just swim and ‘gallang suh’. It’s just not practical.

But, fast forward to a few weekends ago I took my best pals on a workcation trip back to Negril with a long list of things to do. Thankfully of the activities we ticked off the list, snorkeling was one of them, albeit brief -like the first time- but still so amazing. This time around I got to splash and dash with a few of my favorite people in the world and feed a school of fish - that was special -and if you know us- a bit ironic. At the end of the day I have all my limbs and I can tick snorkeling right off my bucket list. Everyone says diving is next but I honestly don’t see thrusting my body downward into the abyss anywhere in my near future. Issa no…