It’s the wispy winds that draws you at first. A glimpse of hydrangea, then bougainvillea, and in moments you are deep into the hotel’s enchantment. Then time disappears the way it should on holiday, and you suddenly become alert to things you might have overlooked at home. That vivid shade of blue. The touch of petals brushing your arm. You find yourself following a path up to the ‘piscina’ and the restaurant and the sweeping white wooden deck and the spirit of life on the hill. You go to escape. To lose yourself. And you do.

This was my journey. This was my grand voyage into Island Outpost’s hidden cottages nestled among the birds and bees of the blue blue mountains. The poetry and romance of a West Indian summer has somehow crept its way up out the sand and surf of the Caribbean sea and into every corner of Strawberry hills plantation style cottages. It sings in your ears, ,sneaks in through your nose and stands tall in front your eyes, commanding you to relax and be catered to.

From carefully and patiently created meals with distinct Jamaican flavoring, to rolling hills of flora and fauna - the Strawberry Hill experience holds its own among the Island Outpost collection of properties well. Slow cooked oxtail, steamy blue mountain coffee, crisp white bedding, expansive wooden decks, an infinity pool, to-die-for massages and cousin staff are only a handful of the amenities offered for indulging.

On leaving the unimpeachably chic Strawberry Hill Hotel, perched incline in the rover and waiting to be let out, a word of piercing kindness came; ‘Take care Mr St Patrick, thanks for shining’. Even in the guard may you find a peaceful spirit whispering and encouraging the high to last and last. Thank you Strawberry Hill, I can’t wait to experience the full collection.