Just when I thought that I had received all the ‘songs-to-love’ out of summer 2016, One Republic decided to drop their new single ‘KIDS’. Released just four days ago on the band’s vevo channel the record ‘Kids’ was of course written mainly by Ryan Tedder and Brent Kutzle. With a title as short and abrupt and wayward as kids, I couldn't begin to imagine where the record was going to take me. No sooner than Tedder belted ‘back when we were kids’ than I had fallen aimlessly into a wild spiral of nostalgic waves. Remembering my first encounters with love and affection. Recounting the exact emotions that oozed from my body when I first escaped into an endless night ‘making everyday a holiday’. Living jubilantly and being reckless… as kids.

Compared to ‘Wherever I go’. ‘Kids’ is a very very good second single with way more emotional connect. The band’s album is set for a fall 2016 release but to now has not been named. For the past nine days I’ve been playing Justin Bieber's Major lazer and Dj Snake collaborations on repeat but I think I may have -at the ‘end’ of summer no less- found a new favorite.