Think Switzerland is all snow dusted mountain peaks and clear cold water streams? Well, you’re gravely misinformed and so was I. Imagine my delight when I set out on my journey through the sweet and majestic city of Geneva. Let me tell you, up close and personal it’s just as storybook as you’d imagine it to be.

So here I am this little Jamaican girl in big ole’ Europe, in the middle of Switzerland of all places. Geneva just knows how to impress - on arriving I was gifted with a one hour free travel pass from the Geneva Tourist Board. With this I could freely roam around at the cost of the Swiss. Geez Louis!

Getting around is pretty simple. The tram station is right outside Aeroporte Geneve and the ferry dock is but minutes walk away. I must admit that Geneva appears to be as quiet as mice anytime before noon. Most stores are closed except for a few souvenir shops. With a break in the hustle and bustle, here you may take the opportunity to wander around aimlessly without being bothered by anyone trying to sell to you as is common in so many other touristic areas.

By ferry you have the choice to go in any of three directions - to the town centre, the UN headquarters for a tour along the Lake Leman or back towards the Airport. However in any direction you travel you won’t be able to escape the jaw-dropping scenery which includes  the Mont Blanc, the Swiss Alps and the world famous Jet D’Eau.

Depending on the weather Lake Geneva is a prime for-leisure attraction where you may take a dip or enjoy any of the many luxuries of water-skis, yachts or fishing boats.  

If the water-borne life is not up your alley you may be interested in the on-land tours of perhaps the city’s celebrity homes or it’s major malls and architectural delights via tram or train. For me, I was particularly intrigued by the scores of tres’ chic chocolateries scattered all around. One simply does not make it out of Switzerland having not sampled some fresh and authentic Swiss Chocolate directly from the source. It is to die for! That and a visit to the world’s most expensive McDonald’s where a McChicken Sandwich will cost you anywhere between 13-15 Francs (basically $20US). On the note of dollars and francs, everything in Switzerland is expectedly more expensive but their standard of living is so high they can afford it.

Around 2pm-3 the city centre becomes filled with life as people begin to populate the plazas. There’s a delightful; South American market where you may lose yourself in Peruvian street food and fresh homegrown produce. That was such a treat.The weather in Switzerland is much like that in England. Between my weather proof jacket to my basic t-shirt my #OOTD was on a constant shift. It is however warmer than you’d imagine but what I personally was truly shocked by was just how pristine clean and well looked after the streets were. Geneva’s big picture value may be missed by tourists craving the quintessential European party experience. But if you are in the mood for tranquility and a taste of civility and highness, Geneva will surely please.

Follow me on my next adventure as I say Hello to the World’s fashion capital! Until then stay warm and enjoy the holidays!

“Don’t exist. Live. Get out. Explore. Thrive!”- L’Jai Perry