Art imitates life, fact. Most millennials are familiar with the sportswear brand FUBU. What most millennials aren't familiar with is the black history behind the brand. FUBU, "For Us By Us," is an American urban fashion brand company created by Queens, New York, native Daymond John in 1989. For us 90's babies, Solange's "F.U.B.U" ft BJ The Chicago Kid and The Dream reminded us of the inclusive yet exclusive undertone message behind the brand, steeping it ever so gently in our crowded 21st century musical zeitgeist. Thanks. 

John used his sewing skills to create and sell unique tie-top hats on a local street corner. Sales grew, and John expanded his line of clothing. After hip-hop artist LL Cool J wore FUBU clothing in a series of advertisements, the brand's popularity exploded, and the company made millions.

Tyson Beckford, Daymond John and LL Cool J

Tyson Beckford, Daymond John and LL Cool J

During the early days of the company, Daymond John built FUBU while working as a waiter at a Red Lobster seafood restaurant. In addition to John, three of his childhood friends pitched in to help grow the business. One successful strategy for getting the word out was visiting music video sets and pitching FUBU to various rap artists. Fellow Queens native LL Cool J agreed to wear a FUBU shirt in a photograph, which John used to market FUBU at major fashion trade shows.

FUBU received a major financial boost from Samsung Textiles, which provided funds for manufacturing and paved the way for expansion into other areas. As of 2015, FUBU clothing continues to sell successfully in Asian countries such as South Korea, where Korean celebrities serve as brand models. FUBU brand shoes are still being sold in America by mega-retailers Walmart. Do with that what you may.