As a young entrepreneur ‘fame & fortune’ are the likely identicals that no matter our field we’re assumed to strive for. Fame over fortune is rather more complicatedly and directly related to millennial business men and women climbing up the ladders of success. For me the pursuit of fame was never a real goal, but an idea and strategy I had to explore. As a young boy with dreams much larger than his country of nativity I always had a lot to say. And as I did then as well as I do now; I hate wasting my time or breath or intellect. If I’m going to speak, millions need to hear, and that’s what rocked me onto the rails and in line with all the other bright eyed and bushy tailed teen on a mission. That’s one of the necessary adjustments to building a business or career in the 21st century. As every marketplace become more and more driven by real people, real results and recommendations, reality and derivatives of that is the all encompassing ingredient to a general success. For me I think it’s important for my fellow teens on a mission turn adult business mavericks to know that it’s ok to desire recognition, popularity… fame. If it matches your goal for the greater good - knock yourself out.

rashade st patrick

This week we congratulate famed and newly named SUPERMODEL Tami Williams - who herself knows a thing or two of the importance of optics, alignment and the pursuit of fame. She btw is Jamaica’s first model to be verified on Instagram - just a little digital news FYI. We similarly document the movements of OG mover and shaker Donalee Curtis as she collaborates with Ipsy on a #TBT conceptual video on Rihanna’s most iconic looks. But the week couldn’t end without me sharing with you my friends the exciting progress at Portland’s blue lagoon as Atelier Vidal takes on the Blue Lagoon Restaurant. From a quick call with Vidal Dowding (Design Lead), the team will commence construction in a month’s time so we can expect to see the dream irl (in real life) by this Christmas - he says. To top it all off, let’s try our hands at a floral gin mix that will throw your Sunday’s boozy brunch over the top! #FloralEleganza