2015 - Rashade St Patrick x Kaci Fennell Photogrpahed by: Alexander Wong

2015 - Rashade St Patrick x Kaci Fennell Photogrpahed by: Alexander Wong

We have to start encouraging our entrepreneurs. The thing is, here in Jamaica we don't have a legitimate creative industry per say. There's no complete infrastructure for new media, creativity or entertainment outside of the recording industry. So everybody who's taking up a position of authority within these realms are doing so out of sheer and utter bravery. 

Look, we know we're not most qualified but someone has to make the decision to take up these positions and start at least LEARNING to lead. Promote yourself, fill the wide empty spaces. understand nonetheless the brevity of the responsibility you are bestowing upon yourself. Understand that you are in charge of driving that small room -you've decided to lead- forward always. It won't be great from the start but start we must. 

We have to start organizing and utilizing our communities. We have all the right players but we have to start celebrating the few brave ones among us that have stepped out in front of these positions as leaders. at the end of the day if we're not receiving the recognition much less the appointment then we have to start appointing ourselves as village chiefs and council. In deciding to corner a piece of a market and make yourself the superlative authority is presumptuous but it's also a brilliant show of leadership. This week marks my underground anniversary in blogging. It's been 6 long years of hard work and dedication to becoming better. Six years of animating the social conversation, its key players and the new guards. Six years of consistently putting the work above my ego and mastering my way through every learning experience and teachable moments so that today I can stand in complete confidence as a true Digital Don.   Start making yourself into the leader you want to be. Don't let anyone's opinions on your qualification or rights to be affect your ascent. Just remember always that heavy is the head that wears the crown. It will take an immense amount of courage to uplift yourself and immense amount of bravery to keep yourself lifted. But it's possible, just ask 23 year old Jahron Anthony Brathwaite. You probably know him only as PARTYNEXTDOOR, but did you know how he got his name? We explore that intrigue this week in music. 

The rhythm of the past week was well invigorated. So full of newness like Frank Ocean's new record "Chanel" and the full version of his collaboration with Calvin Harris; "Slide". On the get up and go side of things we linked up with our favs in Miami and New York to bring to you the start of the Kingston Belle City Guides. Eat, Play and Go-go your way around the world's greatest cities. Our guides offers a birdseye view of the best foods, art, hotels and experiences there for the taking. Look foreard to our LA, London and Paris guides coming soon.