This weekend, of course was a 48hour long lesson in things I really thought I was already verse in. I may have been internally flustered, tired, nervous and overwhelmed but I took in everything that was happening in and around me completely. Now, on Monday I can definitely say the wool has been pulled from over my eyes and that clarity is one big bitch that I love!

Let me start off by saying that I really am usually a pretty sound and stable human man-child. I mean I don’t often lose my keys, wallet or passwords. I pee in a straight line, I’m unattached from my phone and I know how to make french pressed coffee... You know, I got all my marbles still. But when one finds himself single handedly relaunching a label, creating a new one, hand making a home&garden range and launching an eCommerce platform all at the same damn time, he’s bound to start bucking his toes and throwing out his back. Thankfully, somehow I kept myself together bruised toe and all, powering my way through to the end.

I remember walking into the exhibitor’s room on Sunday morning (late) and feeling the energies of each and every one of my MoDa Market neighbours and deeply identifying with them all. It was as if time had stood still while I bathed in the company of dozens of people who really and truly understood EXACTLY what I was feeling in the exact same way at that exact moment. Feelings of anxiety, pressure, excitement and the anticipation of eventual creative fulfillment. The sort of fulfillment only they and I could share as creative hustlers.

I had such an amazing time laughing and chatting and making sales with three of the most complicated, funny, loving and supportive people I know. People who’ve laughed and cried and hustled with me through it all. I love my friends and they love me back so make it or not I’ll have already accomplished what most may still only dream to. I love my boys!

In all truth and honesty, my entrepreneurial journey has been a hard fought one. One that led me down too many paths to count. Being a natural warrior I thrive off of being in impossible situations and my life has made certain that I had enough of that to go around. That conditioning has strengthened my backbone and thickened my skin to a point where, after 5 years I can truly stand in my own light and be pleased. It’s such a beautiful thing being able to feel content with where one is and what one does, and I’m truly grateful that I’m able to now stand here having plateaued into running a promising business. This past weekend marked the start of something I’ve always wanted to experience and it was nothing short of fulfilling.

Thank you for reading this and reading my writings over and over and never complaining. Thank you for your continued support in times when I need it most. And finally, welcome to the new Kingston Belle. As your membership to a super cool creative ship has been made new I’m very much ready to serve you my readers, viewers… my friends.