Editor’s Note: Minding My Own Business


I’ve been spending my winter in the city of lights where the wind blows cold and the people mind their own business. Which, to think of it, that has been one of the marquee lessons of this year so far; Minding My Business. New York City is a great place, with tons of potential and enough resources to go around. And you may or may not know but my former sweater label VULGAR has recently announced a comeback on Instagram with a new vibrant and disruptive narrative that I’m so obsessed with. So, as the Creative Director, I’ve been returning back to basics with researching and locking in factories and suppliers for our new NYC based production. I say former sweater label as later this year we will be expanding into super cool streetwear and accessories. Ugh, so excited. Back home in Jamaica, I could produce samples in my sleep. And that’s the thing about matriculating from being a local business to an international one. That comfort zone that I would have created in Jamaica with the creatives and machine men who made the line possible doesn’t exist here, yet. Still, it’s been really refreshing to have to actually put in the work to solve old typical issues with first world tools and resources. Two-day shipping? Free sample? Direct Returns? Yes, please!

But that’s not all I’ve been up to.

I wrote a song. It doesn’t have a name yet but I wrote it a few weeks ago and have been working on perfecting it since. Super excited to get into the studio for the first time and record it. It’s not general knowledge but music and I have a long and passionate history. It was for my Mom and me, our “thing” until of course, I left the church for the cold pagan world. But music for me was more than performing arts. It was always an escape, a destination, a space to relieve and reveal myself. I Hope I continue to find the courage to pursue and share what I create with you guys.

On the topic of music, I’ve been vibing to all the sweet new sounds that have emerged out of 2019 already. Ariana Grande’s new record is everybody’s mood right now and I totally understand why. “Ghostin”, “In My Head” and “Fake Smile” are my favorites for sure. Summer Walker and I have been getting along really well these days too. “Karma”, whose lyrics is simply nowhere to be found keeps mesmerizing my ass whether I’m under the CBD spell or not. But, BUT… my soul swells in captivating trances with my all time favorite artist’s new record “New Breed”. Dawn Richard of Danity Kane and Diddy-Dirty-Money is the smoky vocalist out of New Orleans that has been carefully carving out her own skinny lane in the industry. Paying her dues x2 with super experimental rhythm and blues tracks that stuns and intoxicates. Let’s just say, mainstream R&B vibers weren’t exactly receiving it as deep and wide as they ought to. So now with “New Breed” Dawn has compiled heavy lyrical content and familiar enough instrumentals that the basic ear may comprehend. And don’t get me wrong, tons of homegirls tracks do need at least three listens to truly appreciate. But that’s the genius in the art she makes. Mark my words her time will come and it will come swiftly but last and last long.

Anyway, that’s about all to report. Yes, there are the finer details, where I’m working out to achieve an early summer body. I’ve cut down on my marijuana intake and I’ve reduced my general social circles back to a small manageable size. This is all to better my chances at refocusing on my vibrations that is to take me to my super self this year because yes, 2019 a fimi.