@MelsDew: Summer Goals


Ahh summer. It would be hard to believe its summer 2019 already had I not spend the entire winter months in brick city NY. The gratitude has nullified the dance with reality but I can say time does really fly. It does feel like my first NYFW was just a season past, but it’s already almost a year. Wow, a whole year since upheaving my life and moving inside the concrete jungle. The goals that brought me to New York City differs greatly than those that lulls me to sleep on a hot summer night here on Jamrock. In between working super duper hard on myself and a few upcoming projects I check in with a few of my personal favs to discuss summer goals large and small. My curiosity never misguides me. I’m sure you’ll find the proceeding banter positively delightful. Just the air between your hair that you need with these rising degrees.

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What is your number one physical or mental summer goal?

To spend as much time with my family as possible. This summer especially, as my father has been so ill. I’ve a renewed belief in the blessing of family ...that safe, warm place that rejuvenates through illness and challenges. I’m trying to enjoy every precious moment that we’ve been blessed with together.

What’s your go-to summer cocktail, quick lunch, simple dinner?

Ooooh, my go-to cocktails ...Raven’s Wood Chiraz or an ice cold Champagne Sangria with lots of guava slices!!!

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Quick Lunch ...Sharms’ Bakery has the most delicious Chicken Kibbies with Chic Pea Salad!

Simple Dinner...Butcher’s Block fresh Atlantic Salmon (7 minutes on the grill), Potato wedges in Rosemary oil and Arugula salad with Baked Goat Cheese.

Where in the world for you best represent the most relaxing summer vacay?

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My most relaxing holiday spot is Jamaica, Jamaica, sweet Jamaica! I’ve said before, and I’ll say it again....what paradise it is to sit in the cool fog of the mountains in the morning, and in just a little over an hour be able to be eating a steam fish and bammi at the seaside! ...and all with your own dynamic culture, world renowned music and the comfort of your home right by you!

What’s one thing you’d love to see happen by the end of summer?

By the end of this summer I’d love to see my father well. I pray it every morning and every night that it will be God’s will that he is miraculously healed.

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Summers are for family, wine...and all the magic that happens in between.

That’s my kind of summer!