FENTY: A Revision Of Shape



Everyone beneath rocks and beyond now knows and celebrates singer Rihanna’s latest headline move into fashion in the biggest way, backed by LVMH. Rihanna’s 49% stake in Fenty has fruited a harmonious homage to the Caribbean Queen’s history. LVMH, the investment company behind famed brands like Louis Vuitton, Sephora, Fendi, Givenchy and then some, has thrust the young singer and their new house into the spotlight.The debut collection was well received by the core community, but that is not to say there aren’t those hyper-commercial-customers on whom the collection and it’s deepest intentions are completely lost.

It’s not enough to simply be satisfied with Rihanna’s PR point that the silhouettes were heavily inspired just by her aspiration for clothes that fits her like, you know… wear-a-plastic-bag-make-it-drip--Rihanna. To find the strength of the collection you must look outside of couture-esque DNA types and turn your mind to the psychology behind -as Fenty’s Style Director said- what Fenty’s existence will mean for so many people around the world. With the undeniable quality thanks to LVMH, Rihanna’s superstar publicity and genuine proficiency in determining what ultimately  looks good - Fenty and it’s odd pear and bombay mango silhouettes will for alooooooot of women give them apparel that is generally stylish ‘slash’ normal (again thanks to Rhi-PR, in case you were missing the connections) and that fits the heck out of their odd-bodies. It's a revolution y'all stay woke.

Because to be honest if we can truly normalise our understanding of shape to include a broader spectrum of what’s considered to be stylish, relevant or appropriate then people of all shapes and sizes will really have an easier time living in this damn world. I think we are realizing that it’s no longer enough to just broaden the range of sizes available in a percentage of labels’ r-t-w collections. But that it’s time to attack the giant stigma with a psychological punch. We play with the idea that RIhanna could wear anything and make it look fabulous. Well watch her, through Fenty and LVMH’s bank book -over time- redefine how we think about a lot of things in fashion and beauty. And from where I’m sitting the Queen has decided to begin with, SHAPE.

In this debut collection Fenty has maximized the design tools to work to their fullest capacities. Silhouettes in this collection bears only half the brunt of the work of satisfying a person’s shape, it plays partner to simple but intricate detailing like the high-def pleats in the pants and inset bows in the dresses and tops. It’s Rihanna’s m.o to gently mimic her industry faves, as seen in her numerous high-profile collaborations. I.e - our first introduction to Fenty Fashion through Puma. We were all pretty transfixed on how beautifully random and over-imagined the pieces were. You perhaps have forgotten how you first actually felt, that’s all apart of the reconditioning. And her magic and mind-control.

But here’s the kicker… to explore my theory you must imagine that we’ve already been halfway through our reconditioning the minute that the first thick-Rihanna image hit the internet and needless to say went viral. Who? What? Rihanna’s thick now… praise Jesus, thick is OFFICIALLY in. We all agree that that’s exactly how it happened right? Right.