kingston belle x soho grand hotel

Club Room at Soho Grand is an excellent place to start or finish an early night so Pull up a chair, di chicken can share! It’s the low-key, high style bar and spar hot spot Manhattan is famed for serving up, and boy does it deliver. The space sets the tone by fixing you inside a long living room style lounge complete with roomy couches, stylish chairs, coffee-tables, lamps and a fireplace. By now you should get the sense that this is not exactly a casual dive bar or hotel mid-level appendage where anything goes. There is a dress code that works to elevate each guest experience in a sophisticated room of parched patrons and eager NYC first-timers like myself. Somehow I still felt comfortable enough to plug my dying iphone in, switch my seat and snap a few pics of my cute and pricey whisky sour cocktail. That’s a hard balance to strike, I was impressed.

The service is sweet and friendly if not too efficient… our waitress kept the cocktails coming and for good reason. As I said on instagram a good cocktail is like jewelry for food; small, visually pleasing and expensive. After a two hour adventure by railroad and subway I was not only in need of some sweet libations, but I was also positively starving. My friend who was so nice to invite me to this her watering-hole introduced me to the brick oven chicken. As she said SG for her is one of the few places in the city that gets chicken right…  for which our Caribbean seasoned tongue will applaud. I must say she was right on the money. The brick roasted chicken was well seasoned, cooked and served over a bed of rooty vegetables. And when they said a whole chicken they meant it. Let’s say I got through enough to hold a strong stomach for the bar-hopping night I had ahead of me.

310 W Broadway, New York, NY 10013 • Sohogrand.com • (212) 965-3588