Lovers Rock is the Brooklyn gem in full support of the wave of gentrification heating up New York’s southern burrough. It cooks up cool tropical cocktails, Rum punches and Jamaican beers like Red Stripe. The pallet will sufficiently take you on a healthy trip home, but for a seasoned local you will taste where they miss a beat. The general decor and vibe will sway you in ways only a double shot of J Wray could and the staff is so friendly and helpful that one note off-key just adds to the romance and uniqueness. Located at the corner of Tompkins Ave and Hancock Street, the space is narrow upon entry but opens up to an accommodating ‘living room’ and backyard that’s high commodity for any New York City chill spot. Here you can find the cheeky traveler and the hopping hipster sharing a light and chilling on tree stump stools. I actually had the pleasure of witnessing a bouncing Brooklyn babe in search of her blind date; “Richie” who was already on location in a suave bomber in the back. That was sweet. The backyard area closes at 11pm FYI. Not sure why but heads up on that. I’d recommend a 10pm arrival on your first visit. The crowd pours into the bar around 10:30pm and fluctuates throughout the night. There’s not typically a cover and the doormen are professional and courteous.

419 Tompkins Ave Brooklyn, NY 11216 • • (347) 915-0325