A minty fresh mojito no longer seems appropriate at this time of year and yet glass after glass of mulled wine can be a bit much. This winter-spiced pear cocktail bridges that gap perfectly, it’s light but the warming spices of star anise and cinnamon and the silky texture you get from the egg white make it a great seasonal alternative

In my household back in Jamaica, Christmas is not exactly ‘celebrated’ - my family majorly being Christian and all. Though my grandma (the typical, familial ‘head chef’) often chooses this specific time of year to bake her fabulous fruit cake, and send out to her best friends and extended family households no less. But just don’t ever mention that she’s spreading Christmas cheer. She’ll never admit it. Anyway long and short is that outside of sorrel juice (no booze) to go along with her cakes, we never had an F&B ‘tradition’. So this year I’m trying a bunch of new recipes deriving from cult classics, like the egg nog.

I love a cute cocktail, especially ones with seemingly out of place ingredients like egg whites. Even better is the velvety smoothy experience of this spiced cocktail. I’m looking forward to busting this bad boy out in a few days for Christmas dinner. Woah. A wave of anxiety literally just rushed over me. I just realised that I’m actually in-in NYC for Christmas this year, that it may snow on Monday and more than likely here at my Aunty’s house, I’m kind of automatically the familial ‘head chef’. In one thought I’m like; “Let’s get it!” (the Capricorn eager leader in me) but in the next… anxiety. Mostly because my cream sauce has not been the same since I’ve been here. That worries me. Anyway, let me have another glass of this winter spiced pear cocktail and think on these very important decisions ahead of me. Ttyl.



  • gin 50ml

  • lemon 25ml

  • pear syrup 25ml

  • egg white 1

Spiced Pear Syrup

  • pears 4, cored and cubed

  • star anise 1, plus more to serve

  • cinnamon 1 stick, broken in half

  • caster sugar 250g



  • STEP 1

    To make the spiced pear syrup, put the ingredients in a pan with 250ml water and simmer for 20-30 minutes until the flavours have infused. Leave to cool.

  • STEP 2

    To make the cocktail, put all of the ingredients into a cocktail shaker without ice and shake vigorously. Open the shaker, fill with ice and shake again, then strain into a chilled coupe. Place a star anise on the foam to serve.

Rashade St PatrickComment