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I know I know, I’ve only been out of Jamaica for about a month but I’ve been on a blogging hiatus for the entirety of 2018. For a very long time (think 2+ years) I’ve pretty much been floating around trying to find my jush. The thing no one talks about when it comes to building a foundation is all the layers that goes on top of each other to create a solid footing in life. So yeah, I totally thought I’d figured it out once Kingstonbelle.com started making money which meant my bills were paid and I had free time to pursue additional work, or not. But you see, that’s the thing about the indie-entrepreneur lifestyle - the slippery slope into lethargy and anti-progress is more of a sure thing than if I were a nine-to-fiver. But I won’t bore you with all the in between spiritual revelations and elevated vibrations that took me from an hour worth of productivity per day to where I am now. Mostly because it was a very personal journey that I’m not too sure I need or want to share. So I’ll just skip to the part that if you’re a KB regular you actually want to know. Like if I’ve migrated or for how much longer I’ll be away. The questions come in through direct message a dozen a day and I don’t always get a chance to respond so here it goes.

I haven’t migrated yet, but that is a matter of eventuality. At the same time as far as how much longer I’ll be away for, the only appropriate technical response to that is ‘forever’. Lol. My itinerary is virtually unending and includes Christmas in NYC, my 26th birthday in Vegas and a few stops across the Caribbean for the first quarter of 2019. But why now? In essence, my lazy ass finally went and applied for a US visa, and now that I have it I have no intention of slowing or settling down just yet. Happily for ya’ll that just means tons of new stories from the Americas brought to you by yours truly. Already you can expect me and the articles we publish here to be honest. Honest in the way like if Oliver Samuels were the silent editor-in-chief. As a middle-class Jamaican with small-street heritage it’s my honorary duty to share truthfully, my “frighten friday” moments with you all, however seldom they appear.  

But anyway, I’m just really and truly happy to be back sharing. I have so much exciting projects in the works that I just know you guys are gonna love. If you’re paying attention you’ll realize the website itself haven’t change much, but a lot of work has gone in the back-end bringing to the place where I could activate several new features to serve my ideas better. One of those ideas is the Kingston Belle Shop. KBS has been in the works for such a long time and I’m finally in position of the kind of products I can stand behind and share with you with integrity, quality and style. So get your fabulous selves ready for all the kinda brainy, kinda boujie business you’ve come to know and love but on a whole other level. Kingston Belle, yep, we GOOD AGAIN!