Kanye West and Juicy J’s song “Ballin” is about basketball. Bibi Bourelly’s new song “Ballin” is, paradoxically, about being broke. “I got fired from Old Navy / Landlord keeps on knocking,” Bourelly begins, spinning out a tale of spicing up ramen with hot sauce and hiking 15 miles home when her car breaks down. Her lyrics span a whole range of hard-up emotions: frustration, irony, resignation, and hope.

“I don’t need no hotel lobbies,” she observes wistfully. “I doubt I’d get along with paparazzi / I just want a Slim Jim and a 40.” It’s a poignant, vulnerable expression from a young artist who’s almost certainly destined for more paparazzi the future. “Ballin” is expected to appear on Bourelly’s upcoming Free the Real: Part #2 EP. Listen below.