PartyNextDoor | FADER

PartyNextDoor | FADER

First of all, who the fuck knew I were older than PND!? Imagine my surprise when I found out he was born on July 3rd 1993. Well, I'll be damned. 

My obsession with PND was rather delayed. When I saw him live for the first time at Major Lazer's concert last year, I had now idea who he was. "PartNextDoor" rung familiar but I had no true knowledge of who he was, what he really did, or that he was even a he and not some kilter Caucasian band. As fate would have it, my discovery of his music and my affinity for it was made possible by the same means that he credits hes trappy-bluesy musicality... I'm talking about weed. 

Party was initially wary of smoking weed because of his desire to be in control, but once a friend convinced him to try it one day his outlook on music changed. He "outgrew" songwriting for others and realized that his music was too personal to sell to anyone else. "As soon as I smoked weed, that's when I started writing like that," he said. 

Major Lazer's "Run Up" was the first shot to my dear little heart, infecting me with a distinct nostalgic trigger similar to that found in Tory lane's Luv. Then came my discovery of older records like "Come See Me" with Drake and "not nice", that btw I had no idea who sung but was totally obsessed with it. 

But to the subject matter at hand, the where oh where did 'Party' the hyper independent saint of mileniel R&B get his name from. So, there's a software called 'FL Studio digital audio workstation'. It's basically vsco cam for sound. There's a sound filter preset on it that 'Party' found soudned very much like the filter Drake's OVO creative "40" famously uses. That preset was fatefully called "Party Next Door". Simple, sensical and different... I'll take it.