rashade st patrick

I seemed to spend much of last week zigzagging back and forth between meetings with my illustrator and my post-production team for reasons that will become abundantly clear when you greedily open up the March issues of our weekly newsletter. Ever since Kingston Belle’s inception I’ve made a pact with myself that I’d never expand in any direction until I (as a leader) was truly ready. I long believed that to own something worth owning, one had to be and do everything with integrity and accountability. Those were the founding principles and values of KB. Our foundation was built on doing it once and doing it right. If we did it first, we were pleased, but getting it right the first time was always our aim. In a commercial space were marketing and public relations takes precedence, building a brand with true rooted integrity is among the greatest challenges. For me? it’s simple - whatever project I embark on is conceptualised with specific practitioners in mind. The necessary conversations are had and the team is assembled. No man is an island and the easiest way to the truest truth is asking for help. And the kingston Belle team of creatives are most qualified and super helpful. Now how’s that for big talk?

This week we shine some light on two straight talkers that I idolize; Dawn Richard and John Casablancas. Dawn’s latest musical project is heralded by Indie rock band ‘Dirty Projectors’ and is dubbed ‘Cool your heart’. With distinct Jamaican influences found in the rhythm and singing style of Dawn,’ cool your heart’ made a quick foray onto all my favorite playlists. John (Casablancas) is -if he needs any introduction- the founder of Elite Models worldwide. This week his netflix documentary is my recommended must see film on #TheWatchlist. To round out the week’s best, #Nana’sKitchen has cooked up an egyptian recipe with fava beans that all your middle eastern friends will love you for. But for the wanderers among us yearning for a west coast escape, L’Jai Perry’s “Hello Hollywood’ is sure to inspire.