Styled in everything from a full Chanel look to Marc Jacobs and Dior - set in an East Village bodega, no less - the spread is Rihanna's first in the magazine since her "Umbrella" press tour in 2007. Styled by polyvore sensation Farren Fucci - a 25 year old creative that just recently signed to Wilhelmina talent agency. The internet erupted this morning when the youth driven modern mag ‘Paper’ released their March 2017 cover featuring the OG Bad GAL. The fashion strikes all sorts of ‘Zenon: 21st Century Girl’ inside a Bodega in New York’s East Village. From dior boots and acne gloves to colored weaves spiked and fluffed, entertainment’s favorite rule breaker is laying it all out in Paper. All puns intended.

Now, the woman who can do it all is lending her talents to Hollywood; she's part of the all-female Ocean's Eight cast, starring alongside acting heavyweights like Cate Blanchett, Sandra Bullock and Anne Hathaway. For Paper’s spring #BreakTheRules cover, Farren and the style team took inspiration from her budding acting career and chameleon-like powers of transformation to cast her as a high fashion clerk in a bodega of the future. "We thought it would be interesting to put a superstar like Rihanna in such an everyday surrounding," says Shannon Stokes, who styled the shoot alongside Fucci. "And Farren added the 'future' angle to give it a twist, so it became a challenge to envision what a girl who worked there might look like," he added. See the finished product here and on PaperMag.com.