Mama, I made it! No Seriously my flight has landed safely and I swooped through immigration with no hassle, your angel is in LA… now let’s see If I’ll actually find something to write home about.

Models, musicians, actors, writers, comedians, entertainers… this is Hollywood! it’s not precisely the place one says ‘if you can make it here you can make it anywhere’ but L.A. is definitely the place one goes to first become a star! Downtown L.A and Beverly Hills literally embody the idyllic scene of glitz & glamour exactly as portrayed in the media. Hollywood, however, not so much! I was actually abhorred at how basic Hollywood appeared, nonetheless it was a great experience staying on the boulevard where dreams apparently do come true. In certain parts of the city of angels the strength of the Hispanic community influence was quite overwhelming. For a second there I thought I had boarded the wrong connecting flight and ended up in Tijuana. There is a clear-cut difference between L.A and Beverly Hills. It appears as if the grass is truly greener in the 90210. They literally have silver fire hydrants lining the streets and all telecommunication cables are run underground moving through the urban and suburban.

There are tours A PLENTY! On most you’ll get to see ‘Mulholland Drive’ where all the “who’s who” lives. If you’re lucky you might spot someone famous taking out their trash, I didn't. I did find it odd that everyone in the city knew where all the celebrities lived or who was moving into which house. Either way their palatial mansions and mailboxes overflowing with fan mail, were quite reminiscent of Jack’s Hill and the ‘Alieu’ Kingston 6-8 areaa... just with a lot more $0’s on the price tag.

Another tour may take you directly to the Hollywood sign so that you can take pictures underneath it. However if you’re not able to do this you can still get a shot of the Hollywood sign by way of the Chinese Theatre Plaza on the staircase right in the middle the sign can be seen in between the arches of the building. (You can’t miss it tourists are ALWAYS there trying to snap a few shots). Other tours you can take (definitely give Hollywood Tours Company a visit) are the Chinese Theatre where all the stars get their handprints and footprints cemented, or Madame Tussaud’s Hollywood, which is a bit different from the original Madame Tussaud’s on Baker Street in London but it definitely will have you feeling like your canoodling with the stars, in keeping with the Hollywood celebrity theme.

If tours aren’t really your thing, Hollywood Boulevard is stocked with stores up to the wazoo. The great thing is; whether your a label lover, vintage hoarder or a simple gal who lives in H&M, you’ll find just what you're looking for. For me? Sugar Factory has an outlet right beside the Chinese Theatre AND the Hollywood Walk of Fame is approximately a 30 minute walk down memory lane depending on your cinematographic knowledge. Thankfully down the lane lies tons of restaurants serving up everything from sushi to tacos and everything in between. This L.A. traffic is as real as one imagines so enjoy your stroll and live in the moment.