In a perfect world Tami Williams would be my best friend… and the envy of all my other less swanlike friends. But no for real, the level of admiration, pride and appreciation I have for young Tami is unprecedented. Now a seasoned runway and print model who’s paid enough dues for her seat on the jet, Tami Williams is officially a supermodel. From Tommy Hilfiger to La Perla her association is up there with the best and most known from Naomi Campbell to Kendall Jenner. As we per our predictions, she is fast becoming our island’s most successful model yet. All praises given to Jeneil Williams who holds a good portion of a decade of experience over Tami... but time aside, Tami has catapulted herself to the front of the line and the middle of the conversation. A verified celebrity on a growing instagram account, secured contracts with the world’s top agencies and some of the best agents in the game behind her, T. Will. is just getting started. Congrats on the continued success Tami… forever my girl in the denim trench.