You know when people say you’re twenties is for having fun and finding yourself through reckless abandon and bad decisions? Well that does not apply to me. As a youth my wish was always to retire early. While I’m all for a little wreck and check and having fun in general, that’s not ‘what my twenties are for’. For the next six years I intended on riding this wave till the wheels fall off - to pushing pedal to the metal and driving straight towards my brightest dreams. Last night in a spiffy convo with Tobi - a final year law student/performing artist (instagram.com/tobitangoes) - she exclaimed how she’s finishing up with school this year and is looking forward to performing more… for now. That juvenile reality that we can be many versions of ourselves in this our one life is so inspiring to me and is the cornerstone of my hustle this coming week. Wearing all the hats, responding to responsibility and taking charge. There’s nothing I hate more than sokal multitaskers who blame their discrepancies on that they’re ‘doing too much’... I’m all about standing firm in the decisions I’ve made that ultimately designed this crazy life I chose to lead.

rashade st patrick

This week we’re flirting with adventure with a few of my favorite dream chasers. To Chantel Davis; model, beauty queen, philanthropist… gypsy - who’s the coolest girl I know and the reason for the return of my insatiable desire for a week in Mykonos. Then there’s the queen of getting up and going - Marianna Farag who’s ‘Cooking With Culantro’ article has me hitting my plate in demand for more. But like that’s not enough Lifestyle Contributor L’Jai Perry returns with an invite to Italy I simply couldn’t refuse… as she says, grab your Gucci!