Duomo Di Milano | The Milan Cathedral

Duomo Di Milano | The Milan Cathedral

Maybe it’s the cream, maybe it’s the pasta… or perhaps it’s the fashion filled piazza! Whatever you shall remember from your trip to Milano,  it’ll surely will include copious amount of gratitude and fulfillment.

As hot as my time was in Milan the wispy Mediterranean wind beneath my wings (or cape if you wanna get technical) surely helped in cooling down a Caribbean girl on a trip most may only fantasize about. The weather swung me straight into nostalgia of slightly overcast and breezy days in Jamaica, except here, the sun won’t set before your night time foundation does.

It’s rather easy to get around Italy by Milano metro and with  24 degree weather the care-free attitude of the Milanese people easily become habitual. One thing about Italy is just how technologically advanced it is, when I visited, AC Milan was playing a game and even underground at the train station they had massive flat screen TV's showcasing the match for everyone to see.

Of all the places the metro line leads we opted on the rail most traveled, that which leads to the Italian piece de resistance; the Duomo Di Milano. reminiscent of the Roman empire and its architectural influence, Duomo Di Milano or The Milan Cathedral for us English folk is truly a sight to behold.

While in the neighborhood be sure to visit the gelato shop right outside the Duomo for authentic Tiramisu gelato. Parallel to that you’ll find the fashion houses of Italy’s foremost fashion labels. Prada -and my Jamaican friends will appreciate this- is basically the ‘Bridget Sandals’ of Milan. There’s no quicker ‘tell’ that you’re a foreigner than Prada less feet.

So, you thought I’d wind down without telling you about my amazing love affair with truly authentic Italian pizza? Forget what your palate knows about dough topped with meats and cheese as learned through Dominoes and the likes. You simply haven’t tasted real pizza til you’ve had authentic Italian pizza. I’ve been to many a restaurant that claims authenticity, but none of them can ever compare. So, should you be so lucky to find yourself dining al fresco at an Italian bistro you simply must indulge in a tray of Margherita or Prosciutto pizza  hand-made with a thin crust of course. Thank me later!