I grew up in a very celebratory family. I had birthday parties every year for the first decade of my life. Grapefruits wrapped in foil paper, candy and cheese balls in bowls, sugar and spice cake and all. Mommy knew how to throw a bash. She taught me the party principles I know and I’m forever grateful for her dedication to allowing me the opportunity to truly celebrate (my) life always.

2016 for me -like half my friends- was a trying year that constantly teetered between ok and bad. But one thing 2016 brought me was more friends, deepened relationships and new wondrous connections that I all value more than Moet and Caviar. My 24th celebration at Cellar 8 was a precise picture of the better parts of the life I lived last year, one of gratuity, friendship and simple joie de vivre. I’ll be eternally grateful for the scores of people who never deny me the opportunity to be my truest self; in all my psychogenic brightness. Who applauds my looped slideshow of pictures of me on a 60 inch screen. The people who cheer to simply being caribbean, a blogger and fabulous. The people who cheer to waking up, having good teeth and small feet... lol

I have not felt this sort of deep deep personal happiness in a very long time. That onslaught of relentless contentment and equal optimism consuming every waking minute of my special day. I’m happy I decided to celebrate my life this year. 2017 is already a shining example of the power of mind over matter. On Christmas eve of last year I made the conscious and in someway physical decision to always cheer to the small stuff, to celebrate love and the people I love and to work hard to keep doing all of the above. When I stood in the centre of my lofty 24th birthday party and observed the scores of people (65 to be exact) that were all there to support me, I was truly grateful. So here’s yet another birthday toast - to being ‘carefree and boujee’, to worrying less and going out more, to running out of pages in my passport, to chasing dreams and not jobs, to loving friends and myself. Cheers to 24 to 2017 and to you… SALUT!