Here’s the thing, I love Japanese food. I love teriyaki, cream cheese, salmon, sushi rice… all of that good and tasty stuff. But a few of you guys have been suggesting that I venture outside of my Anthony Bourdain style of experiencing food and travel a little more east in a Bizarre foods direction. That all sounds quite exciting but the problem is that I have allergies. I know right, shocking but true. I’m Rashade St Patrick and I am allergic to shellfish. But apparently I’m not quite allergic to all shellfish as I’ve come to learn. Evidently shellfish are actually separated into two main categories. There are crustacea fish like lobsters, crabs and shrimp and then there are mollusks like oysters, mussels, clams and scallops. Now, I very recently was made aware of this. All I knew before was that whenever I ate shrimp, lobster and -most times but not all- crabs my throat would  itch and my lips would swell. Simply put; the harder the shell, the least likely I am to react negatively to eating it. To be honest, this is something I really and truly should have realised a long time ago, as I grew up digging out crab backs until I was around seventeen but continued to throw back oysters well into young adulthood with zero repercussions. I’ll tell you this though, I’m super excited at the facts of my findings as I’ve always wanted to try dishes with scallops and mussels but was always too uncertain and afraid.

To segway back to the totally unplanned meat of the matter. A few friday nights ago my ‘bredrins’ and I took a hip and a hop up Stony Hill to the divine and swank Majestic Sushi and Grill, (the upmarket sister restaurant to East Japanese). Located at the much glorified but still somewhat reclusive property of Villa Ronai, it wasn’t until we were pulling in that I became pumped for dinner. After negotiating with our waitress whose name I have now forgotten, we were properly seated comfortably in our own little corner. The speciality of the decor if you don’t already know are the shoji type table separators that majestically hangs from the ceiling which by the way I’m still gagging over. I just love when an Asian restaurant’s decor can transport me to an intercontinental king ping movie where I’m most likely playing a Chris Tucker derivative.

It took us no time to score our first -and unfortunate for them our last- round of drinks. Wanting to try something I rarely have, I went straight for the moscow mule. I was however left quite disappointed when I found out that they like most Jamaican eateries don’t serve their mules in copper cups, what a travesty. Being the versatile chameleon I am though, I settled for a lychee daiquiri. Spoiler alert, it ‘neva’ taste good. Thrown from my adventurous mood I quickly ordered up my mains going for my classic fried salmon roll with a side of philadelphia rolls only to be informed that they were ‘out’ of fried salmon rolls. Now let me just say this once and for all, this is not acceptable!!! Left with no choice I revisited an old favorite; the JB roll. The JB Roll is a decent standard roll, it has a nice rich flavor if you like cream cheese.  Other than that though  there’s not a lot to hide the fact that you have a nice piece of tasty salmon to devour. Being the group of ‘picky picky’ eaters my friends and I are I can in addition tell you that Majestic’s ‘Japanese fried chicken’ can stay and that their teriyaki salmon is the holy grail of east Asian salmon dishes!!!

Don’t get my review confused, I had a great little twirl, the food I ended up with was good with the exception of the sugar and water that was the lychee daiquiri. I’ll definitely be back but I will certainly be pre ordering… EVERYTHING!

Majestic Sushi & Grill • 1 876564-1334• Villa Ronai

Kingston Belle Good Eats Rating: (3.5) ✦✦✦✧