MoDa Mamas! (From Left) Fidge Fletcher, Stephanie Lawrence, Kerry-Ann Clarke, Ayesha Panton, Leisha Wong and Shauna-Gaye Hart.

If there’s anyone living who could give an honest account of the power and grandeur of the Collection Moda, it’s me. Not to be presumptuous but having played very close to the fire back in the days when it was just ‘The Collections’ I think it’s a fair thing to have said.

What happens when a Retail Guru and 'Sophisticant' joins forces with a baddass curator, a kilter right brained stylist and a slew of vibrant young people? The Collection Moda, that’s what happens. With five years about to be under it’s belt the MoDa Group is stronger than ever. MoDa Market is back in a big way with a hybrid trade show set-up to host a panel discussion akin to Vogue Festival, smack in the middle of a bustling marketplace bazaar. Set to span over two days (November 19-20)  MoDa Market is anticipated to be all the rage among consumers stocking up for the Holidays or those looking to score the best and most exclusive fashion and lifestyle finds in all the Caribbean.

Speaking of Caribbean the MoDa Group now boasts further regional expansion with Makers from the islands of Barbados and Trinidad. With major sponsors as Scotia Bank leading the charge for the Business Of Fashion talks, Jamaica YP has also rejoined the fanfare, penning a 3 year commitment with the group. As most shows trail behind, losing steam/purpose, The Collection Moda seems to be just getting started. Watch closely at thecollectionmoda.com and @TheCollectionModa on Instgram.