Dear sweet potato fries, I love you, now and forever. It was hard for me to believe that this was my first time having sweet potato fries, and it was this knowledge that gave me mild heart palpitations out of sheer excitement of trying something ‘new’. Four inch long orange sticks of fried ground provision dusted with sea salt and served in a white ceramic bowl, no biggie. I’ve never had fries without ketchup but in this instance with shoving one after another down my throat I forgot even what ketchup is. After only about 3 minutes I found myself helplessly looking in the direction of my server, begging for another serving with only my eyes and drooling mouth. If you know me well you’d know that I may be what you call a ‘a slow eater’, so 3 minutes for a bowl of fries must be a new record.

Alas I practiced a little self control and settled with the single serving. My order of quesadillas promptly arriving also helped in restraining my greed. These (the quesadillas) on one hand were good but not the best, their salsa needs a little love. For the main course I decided to go with the very creamy cajun chicken pasta and man and it did not disappoint. The chicken was bountiful and perfectly cooked. The garlic cajun cream sauce was exactly where it should be and the accents of bell peppers and the pair of garlic rubbed sliced baguette was divine. A taste of the grilled salmon with both a steam and raw vegetable salad was also a delight, especially for a lad like me with a peculiar love hate relationship with seafood. For once I opted against my usual bottle of wine and went for Grill Shack’s honest lemonade - simple fresh squeezed lime juice, water and sugar, just how it should be. In general popping my Grill Shack cherry was very much positive, good clean tasting food, eager to please but not too pushy wait staff and a moderately private central location.

Di Grill Shack • 1 876 968 0125 • 9-11 Phoenix Avenue

Kingston Belle Good Eats Rating: (4) ✦✦✦ ✦