Kaci Fennell Shirley I’m calling you out. You promised we’d do Sora together but I couldn’t wait. Can’t tell who’s in the wrong here; the newly north coast queen or the king of Kingston with an insatiable craving for Asian cuisine and the patience of a two year old boy. Well, all bets are off and the verdict is in. Sora Japanese Sky Cuisine is no East, but they have a lot going on for them nonetheless. Quite odd, beginning a review with the conclusion eh? I can do this because I know you want details on all the raw, cooked and brewed foods I consumed. If you follow me on instagram @MrKingstonBelle you’ve been expecting this. If not, then welcome to my wonderful world of good eats.

Teriyaki Chicken 
Teriyaki Chicken 

What I had: Teriyaki chicken, shrimp and vegetable tempura, a serving of tebasaki gyoza (stuffed chicken wings), philly rolls, cali rolls, a slice of oreo cheescake and some cold Kirin Ichiban (Japanese Beer). Now I know I know, pretty basic layout right? But bare in mind that I’m allergic to shell food and a few other sea bred delicacies, (but that nah really slow me dung still). Also I’m always going to be keeping it real and like a Jamaican in a chiney shop, gimme the sweet and sour chicken, in this case the teriyaki. Actually, let’s start with that - the sweet and savoury soy sauce based chicken breast served with sticky rice and veggies.

Sounds yummy right? It is, though Sora’s take on the classic favorite was a little -let’s say- malnutritioned. Compared to that of East/Majestic’s, it’s not as ‘tre riche’, you know, flavored. I also really like how East serves their teriyaki chicken with a few rolls so we don’t feel too left out of the rolling experience. But onto the tempura dish… all I can really say is that a thick slice of onion is not exactly what I expected when you said shrimp and vegetable tempura mates. No bueno. The Tebasaki Gyoza fried wings were an interesting delight for which I guess my only critique is di likkle three wing dem, but that’s just me being greedy. The philadelphia and california rolls were much like the teriyaki, good but not bomb, you know? The Kirin Ichiban malt beer was like a delicate light beer that brings a nice edge and the cake was cake… really good.

Ultimately if you’re looking for a change of pace in a cool venue, then Sora may just be the place for you. The staff is pretty nice, they have a cool egg system for reaching your server and the view on the skydeck is really really boasty.

Sora Japanese Sky Cuisine • 1 876 668 3705 • 9-11 Phoenix Avenue

Kingston Belle Good Eats Rating: (3.5) ✦✦✦✧