We’re always starting some new fire over here at Kingston Belle so here I go again. Introducing our new Music Monday Installment; Playlist Six - a capsule list of music we love and that you will love too. Each monday we will publish a new playlist of five songs from a specific artist we’re currently obsessed with. It may be a new find or an old love which in this case for the first installment we’re exploring my favorite songs from Beres Hammond.

Beres Hammond was the vocaliser of all my summer romances as a child with tunes like ‘I feel Good’, ‘Rockaway’, ‘She Loves Me Now’ and oh my days let’s not get me started on ‘Falling In Love All Over Again’. Falling in love with Jamaica for the first time I also coincidentally fell deeply for Reggae my beloved and Beres immortalized all the memories I made from that time in my life. Now no road trip to the countryside is complete for me without a heavy dose of 90’s reggae which certainly always included some sweet sweet Beres. I would guess it’s a similar enthrallment that a tourist finds himself entangled in whenever he’s hit with some deep and decadent dub. For me, artists like a Beres Hammond will forever be perpetuated in my life as maker of music for my soul. Meeting him for the first time at Reggae Sumfest in his coolest calmest glory was truly humbling. I can’t arrange a meet & greet for you all but I will  -with no further ado- share with you my short playlist of my favorite tunes by him that may give you some sonic context so you too may join me in love with Beres. Enjoy!