This business page (tab) has been something I have wanted to add to the Kingston Belle website ever since we switched platforms over a year ago. But true to the DNA of KB I had to live the content before I could direct or produce it. Over the past year Jamaica has seen a very decent push in millennial driven business in all industries and that interests me. We witnessed our friends delve into the pockets of the corporate and private sectors’ pockets earning coins from their Instagram following, events and marketing skills. New business modules have emerged, some are changing existing business and some are new businesses in their own right. With all that the kingstonbelle.com/business is -now more than ever- ready to be published.

Look forward to more intellectually driven content from the same relaxed and youthful perspective you’re used to from us here at KB. This tab will be less about selling and entertaining and more about informing, uncovering and influencing. Stay tuned!