And as you would have it there I was on an island winter Tuesday clearly of the thought that I was still on vacation. Destined for Europe in the Summer my body was eager to retain the feeling I had previously discovered  and captured on my extended weekend escape to Portlandia. Something about checking out of my digital life and checking into coastal villas, onto jetties, sail boats and dirt roads  that just really really moves me. A swift decision while winding my way up blue mountain was made to stop 20 minutes away from EITs to wander around Serendipity instead. Still, one does not  just happen upon Serendipity Holistic Resort and Spa, one must go in search of - deep down windy tracks into a discrete valley of peace and tranquility.

So let me tell you; It’s as Irish town as you’d imagine; with young children trodding from school, waving and smiling because this is the mountain and this is the way it is.. You will  want to decide on your activities and make your reservation ahead of time to avoid being slapped with an entry fee just to enjoy the bare essentials. So dining, staying or playing? Make your reservation!

If you’re like me your first visit will be one for reconnaissance, peeping into the villas and questioning the near invisible ground staff  on the nuances of what’s really great, really cheap and really worth paying for.

Serendipity, I guess I’ll see ya later!