They say seeing is believing or whatever… well, for quite a few years I lived seeing half the things happening around me, the things most close. therein laid the problem - for a big picture dreamer like me I was missing out, apparently on a lot. I’m no stranger to prescription glasses, my first being these snazzy but over priced frames from Courts Optical followed swiftly by my darling pair of Oliver Peoples (RIP).

But alas, #mycalvins… Thanks to my friends at Eyeland Eyewear I had the opportunity of taking a few frames for a weekend spin in mountain spring before deciding on my new favs. It was a close call between the shapely Ray Bans, the lucite Calvin Klein, the risky Be:One and the emerald Guess frame. Homeboy ‘Kurt’ from the Eyeland Eyewear store in Lane Plaza (Kingston 10) was a sure delight and helped me settle on the Calvin Klein lucite frames with grey handles… I’m in love. After a 5 day wait - my prescription glasses were ready for pick up and haven't left my side since. I was blind and now I can see… in #mycalvins... Now take my advice, need prescription or non-prescription frames? two words; EYELAND EYEWEAR.