Here at Kingston Belle we’re passionate about discovery. Being number one is a part of our DNA - whether  its being the first to do something or the first to let everyone know that something has been done... we just like to be first. For 2015 my goals as Chief Editor was to continue to grow the brand online and expand the business off-line, and we did just that. In August 2015 we forged an enviable agreement with the lovely people of the Swiss Stores and F&B Restaurant to host our events in the center of now, Downtown Kingston. With three (3) events under our belt I’m excited to kickstart the new year in fine style with  another staging of the Kingston belle Boozy Brunch.

For five (5) years now the fibre of Kingston Belle has been weaved by you, our readers. It has turned a fast talking, witty and stylish boy into a confident businessman and digital don. Thank you for allowing me time to make mistakes, try new things and make the decision to really do this. The new media yellow brick road is everything but sunny and well, yellow. It gets cold and dark sometimes but its through your clicks, likes and shares that I no longer have to fight to be taken seriously. The power is in my hands and it’s only so  because of your support.

For 2016 expect a break in content to include video productions in variety! Expect a higher level of interactivity, we all have a voice and I want to help you share your’s. I’ll also be employing the brains and brawns of new voices to bring contrasting opinions to the things we fancy pants Kingston Belles really care about; like wine and fashion and vacations.  Now I know I don’t save lives doing my work but I sure do make it enjoyable so continue to escape the coarseness of the real world with me live on snapchat and twitter ( and curated on instagram and here on