Being charitable is a part of who I am and a part of what I do. My work with Style For Change takes me into girls homes, volatile communities and homes of those most vulnerable around us. This breeds a pungent passion for helping people especially children. The Shaggy and Friends benefit concert rolled around and coincidentally I was in town, my client was booked to work and my friends were with me. After a rather worrying process to get in and settle it was all made worth it being granted one of the best views in the ‘house’. As fate would have it Kaci was hosting the official live stream so I had the pleasure of watching the whole show arm’s length away from the stage before meeting each act personally.

They say ‘never meet your heroes and upon meeting Ashanti for the first time I can tell you that ‘they’ are right. I won't go into details of my disappointing run in but I will say that I belted all her tracks word for word and thoroughly enjoyed her performance. Another enjoyable act of the night was the unoriginally scheduled Popcaan who delivered on a showy performance fit for his current superstar status. One dropping the songs and teasing the crowd as if to say my songs are so known that all I need is to say one word and ‘dash weh dat’!   

Many people’s account of the show was that it was haphazardly produced and generally underwhelming. I on the other hand sees it like this; it's a flipping benefit concert… you should be jumping at the chance to tender a little 30k so somebody else can carry your social responsibility. The concert itself is brawta and yes I know I know, mediocrity is never excusable but at the end of the day going out is all about DIY goodtimes.  which simply means if you want to enjoy yourself just enjoy yourself!